Altea City Council

During 2019-2020 I worked for the City Council of Altea as a Social Media Manager and Designer.

I made poster designs, corporate identity and graphic pieces for social networks, in addition to the management and strategy of the council's profiles. Also during the COVID crisis I also designed specific pieces for signage, notices and related posters.

Ràdio Altea restyling

Ràdio Altea wanted a restyling in order to get closer to the young generation of the town. Using a modern typeface and correcting some errors as improving its scalability of the original isotype and using the Corporate typograpy for the City Council.

Cartelería y publicidad impresa


During the pandemic, the Communication office had to infrom about the new local rules and recomendations. We used phisical and digital graphics and signage make the information easy to understand.

El recuerdo de Altea

Concept and edition of the Visit Altea spot made with the memories of a visit to the town. The spot was targeted to every person that couldn't come to the town due to the COVID19 confinement.

Puedes ver también la versión que no se publicó (no oficial).

More projects

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